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Message Subject BREAKING: Ecuador's president to Obama.: Don't threaten us on Snowden case. Balls developing....
Poster Handle M*walk
Post Content
Why all Americans assume that the world is looking at Obama???
The world is looking at all american citizens, Obama is not the first president to be an mercenary. Bush, Bush Jr, Carter, Nixon, etc. all mercenaries. So the people of the world is not looking to a single person. Is looking an entire country. Because you are the ones that allways put a democrat or republican n the white house. They are the same sh... with different smell.
But please, listen to me. Stop blameing your president, cause people is looking at american citizens who freely vote this goverment. Is like when you talk about russians or muzzies, you don't blame only one person, you blame the entire country or the entirereligion.

Ive got a lot of american friends who travelled arround the world and they know that people think that way.

Please start to be a little bit more introspective.
Remind that ten years ago your same goverment tell the world that al quaeda were the bads. We belive in you, we accept your police state in all the world cause they told us that this way will be safer.
Now this goverment is telling to us that al quaeda are the good ones....

Nobody will belive anymore in yours words or in your currancy.

Cheers and sorry for my rusty english
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41052716

Ohhh kiss my -------------> s226
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19980561

I don't get why you guys are being rude to this guy. He's pretty eloquent considering he's not a native English speaker, and he's trying to show you how the outside world views Americans. He may just be spot on, and if he is, that's frightening.
Now what people have been trying to explain is that voting in this country has become a farce. It is indeed true that the majority of Americans no longer support this president, even if they were deluded enough to actually vote for him. I have noticed a sharper and sharper divide between what you would call "low information" voters, and the rest of the public. These are the people you see in youtube videos about how stupid Americans are. They do not represent all Americans any more than one specific demographic represents the entirety of any other country.
It's unfortunate if other countries are really under the impression that we support this president, but I can assure you most do not, and that number grows daily.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42431456

You failed to mention that for the most part this dude is FULL OF SHIT, he has a few ok points, but the American people seem to OPPOSE most wars, but the crooked assholes that get into positions of power do what tptb tell them too, not all, but most. And we the people will mysteriously disappear for opposing our dear leaders...
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