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Message Subject obama is black then why is.....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If obama is the first black president...
And zimmerman is a white cracker

wtf is this world coming to?

Are black people that racist they look at half breed's and deem what color they want to blame it on?
Just sayin it look's that way to me.

Obama does no wrong what do ever in the black communities eyes..even thought he has tore they country apart.
But he is still black not white lol even thought he is 50/50

Zimmerman kills a black boy in self defense he is 50/50 Hispanic white..but he is automatically a white guy.

So is this all black people have left is to hate 50/50 mix breeds white side now?

OMG my nanna stubbed her toe whitey made that chair so she would stub her toe.
wait bubba a black man made that chair...wait up my N he is half white so whitey done it.
black people or other race's dont do that to my nana lol
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11390951

Hey, boy come out of that basement and get some damn sun light...lol
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