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Message Subject BREAKING...Libyan Intelligence Confirms Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian President Morsi Involved in Benghazi ?!?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

And we send them billions in "aid"

 Quoting: *Evan

it is sickening. They had a legislator say out loud in televised meeting, that the real war is with America and Isreal.

And Obama just sent them a bunch of fucking f-16's. F - Fucking 16's .

The American public doesn't even get to know exactly how fast those things are capable of flying, but the GD muslim Brotherhood does now, un fucking believable.
 Quoting: Brother Love

we have no legislators, we have no Parliament...and he was not from the MB either. It was a National Security Meeting on the Ethiopia Nile Dam, and the people were not aware it was aired live. Fuck up big time...but does not have anything to do with this subject. and again, the f'16 was a contract being fulfilled from times of Mubarak, the Military is its own institution and has nothing to do with MB.
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