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Subject I'm NOT "politically correct", I do NOT give a fuck and I've had ENOUGH of gay-pedo agenda.
Poster Handle Ford Prefect
Post Content
I'm fucking sick to death of so much gay-pedo indoctrination being forced upon us day after day. There's not a fucking single day without opening a MSM outlet to read the news, and stumbling on articles glorifying sexual mutilation and transgenderism, or videos with pseudo-psychologists telling people they have to accept homosexuality in their kids, in order to have a "better society". And when I say "kids", they are referring to CHILDREN, below 7, 6.

I'm NOT gonna be silent, I'm NOT gonna get along with it and I'm NOT going down without a fight.

NO pseudo "doctor" built in by books and doctrines written by occultist freemasons, that sugarcoat incest, pedophilia, zoophilia, homosexuality and other psychic diseases created by sexual depravity practiced along countless reincarnations, will tell me HOW to raise my kids. Period!

NO corrupt government formed by the most immoral and disgusting life forms elected by a braindead sheeple and submitted to satanists and necromancers sat atop a shadow government committed to destroy mankind, will force me to accept a SODOMITE way of life.

I couldn't care less if homos bleed to death after fucking a horse between 4 walls, but don't you fucking dare tell my kids to do the same, or ELSE.
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