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Message Subject I'm NOT "politically correct", I do NOT give a fuck and I've had ENOUGH of gay-pedo agenda.
Poster Handle Ford Prefect
Post Content
I'll NOT be silent while US, people who support traditional families, genuine human values and still able to discern good from evil, are being DEMONIZED by the scum of Earth and their puppets, cosmic failures who want to impose their personal decadence upon everybody else.

While a legion of useful idiots worldwide "protest" against "political corruption", the WHOLE fucking society is rotting in a spiritual corruption that can't be fixed replacing politicians or making political amendments.

They demand better leaders, but the poison of depravity and malice is right there within their hypocritical minds.

They call for a "better society" while their children is being taught in schools, how is ok to be submitted to homos and pedos.

There WON'T BE ANY "better society" while this legion of imbeciles don't wake the fuck up, take this matter in their own hands and STOP gays and their puppets making the world to their TWISTED image.
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