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Message Subject I'm NOT "politically correct", I do NOT give a fuck and I've had ENOUGH of gay-pedo agenda.
Poster Handle FOTN
Post Content
People NEED TO KNOW the real nature of the pedo-gay agenda. This is not a "social transformation".

The ones behind this agenda are BLACK TANTRA practitioners and well versed in occultism and satanic sexuality. I'm not talking about their minions, braindead gays and lesbians waving rainbow flags in the streets and parroting pathetic cliches against hetero people. I'm talking about BLACK LODGE MASTERS, powerful and prominent men and women, members of secret societies engaged in rituals of satanic sexuality that wakes up the KUNDALINI in lower dimensions of nature, rather than raise it up to the AJNA CHAKRA aka 3rd eye chakra.

Natural HETERO couples are the ones who have opportunity of raising their KUNDALINI, wake up the cosmic consciousness and step up in a evolutive scale to become "demigods".

But that's IMPOSSIBLE to HOMOS, because to them there's only the way down where their KUNDALINI become a TETHER to hellish dimensions and they become vessels for sucubus, incubus, and all sorts of demonic entities that manifest themselves in the physical world through decayed sexuality.

Don't fool yourself thinking that there's not an occultist agenda behind the gay indoctrination.

Make no mistakes, this is a spiritual war on men and men have to FIGHT FUCKING BACK, not sit in their asses and pray for fake gods do something.
 Quoting: Ford Prefect

Don't be ridiculous and get people chasing ghosts and goblins- it's the Zionist agenda is what it is. Pfft you sound like Jonestein when you talk like that.
I agree with the title/general sentiment of your OP though...
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