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Message Subject The Obama Rockefeller Democrat Doctrine, Too get all Religious groups fighting and killing each other!
Poster Handle Quetzalcoatl14
Post Content

With all due respect, super-lol.

You do know that across the world, it is the far right wing conservative, fundamentalist people of each religion that fight over religion don't you? Fundamentalist Christians against Pagans. Fundamentalist Christians against Native American "savages." Fundamentalist Christians fighting and hating fundamentalist Muslims and vice versa. Fundamentalist right-wing Muslims and Hindus hating and fighting each other, and so on ad infinitum.

You do realize, that on record the so called "liberals" have been calling for an end to religious war and bigotry for probably 300 years now right?

 Quoting: Quetzalcoatl14

You are one of the ones who have been tricked by the beast...

Go to war blame it on the other guy..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42468679

This is where you guys must be absolutely crazy.

I'm a "liberal" who lives in a family of republican, conservative evangelical Christians. Guess what, I've been anti war and anti religious fighting my whole life while they constantly support war, AND say things like "people should be forced to be Christians," etc.

And, you obviously, obviously, have not traveled much or studied history. I have and in fact, am in a Muslim country right now for the summer. It is the conservative fundamentalists that are always, always the ones fighting each other.

Ever hear of the Enlightenment brother, when "liberals" fought against such bigotry and fundamentalists and were attacked by the conservatives.

Again, super-lol and big fail on your part for knowledge of history and current society.
 Quoting: Quetzalcoatl14

Wrong you have a democrat in office and now he has set the whole world on fire... and as far as your family they are not like any christians I know... All the ones I know are against the wars in the middle east... And The CFR is all democrats and they are behind every order for war... NOT CHRISTIANS.... Again you have been duped... Now I have to admit your point on the Right Wing fundamentalism in Islam... and look who is backing them... THE DEMOCRATS...

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42468679

Actually, false, you are basing your ideas on limited information. There actually have been research studies, i.e. opinion polls in this case, where there was a correlation between religiosity and support for the ME wars.

Also, who started us getting deep in there, a self-proclaimed evangelical Christian who was a Republican and LOVED by all of the right-wing Christians. LOVED. He had weekly calls from Pat Robertson and the rest. LOL!

OBAMA ALSO is a war-monger. But he did not start two massive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, just smaller also evil wars like Libya. Yes, he is guilty.

But across the board, and across cultures, a higher percentage of far right wingers in general support war, conflict, imperialism, etc, than classic liberals. Why the hell do you think we are called "peace-loving, bleeding heart liberals" you fools.

Again, obviously there are peaceful conservatives and peaceful liberals, and not peaceful ones. But the Neo Cons the world over, i.e. right wingers, are known for being all about war and not peace, and American domination. That is the very definition of Neo-Con you idiot.

Ask anybody outside of the U.S., and they will agree that the neo-cons under Bush were the worst they've seen, worse than Obama.
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