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Message Subject The Obama Rockefeller Democrat Doctrine, Too get all Religious groups fighting and killing each other!
Poster Handle Quetzalcoatl14
Post Content

You are one of the ones who have been tricked by the beast...

Go to war blame it on the other guy..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42468679

This is where you guys must be absolutely crazy.

I'm a "liberal" who lives in a family of republican, conservative evangelical Christians. Guess what, I've been anti war and anti religious fighting my whole life while they constantly support war, AND say things like "people should be forced to be Christians," etc.

And, you obviously, obviously, have not traveled much or studied history. I have and in fact, am in a Muslim country right now for the summer. It is the conservative fundamentalists that are always, always the ones fighting each other.

Ever hear of the Enlightenment brother, when "liberals" fought against such bigotry and fundamentalists and were attacked by the conservatives.

Again, super-lol and big fail on your part for knowledge of history and current society.
 Quoting: Quetzalcoatl14

Wrong you have a democrat in office and now he has set the whole world on fire... and as far as your family they are not like any christians I know... All the ones I know are against the wars in the middle east... And The CFR is all democrats and they are behind every order for war... NOT CHRISTIANS.... Again you have been duped... Now I have to admit your point on the Right Wing fundamentalism in Islam... and look who is backing them... THE DEMOCRATS...

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42468679

still the dimwits here blame the red v blue sindrome, for the million billion time its the same faction behind the curtain.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 38139053

I agree with you my friend. It isn't liberal versus conservative, Muslim versus Christian, etc. In my view, it is extremists versus extremists. In regards to religion, more right-wingers across all cultures are factually fundamentalists. Its not arguable. I can assure you guys that more Islamic and Christian extremists have right-wing, traditionalist, and xenophobic beliefs. This is part of what makes them right-wing.

However, there are also extremists of a different kind on the far left, for example communist revolutionaries that also are willing to use violence. But this is political extremism. Violence the same.

As to political parties, I agree that Obama has shown himself to be equally dedicated to imperialism and global domination, JUST like Bush I, Bush II, Reagan, Bill Clinton, etc. It has become apparent that this all is an illusion.

As to the claim that liberals are the evil ones due to abortion, not all "liberals" support abortion. Second, just like guns, marriage, etc, it actually follows a "libertarian" idea that the government has no say in in, hence "pro-choice."

I laugh at 90% of self-proclaimed "conservatives" and "libertarians" who cry about the government taking our freedoms and intrusion in regards to guns, environmental regulations, and taxes.

But then when it comes to very personal choices such as sexuality, using substances, or pro-choice, or having the Ten Commandments in courthouses (which violates the separation of church and state) most "conservatives" can't run fast enough to call for government intervention.

Get your story straight or be quiet. The only conservatives I respect in this regard are true libertarians: they are consistent.

Second, this is irrelevant to the question of which side foments more religious extremism and fighting related. Anybody who does their actual research knows that right-wing is associated in all countries with a higher percentage of religious extremism, lol. Be objective here if you want to be taken seriously.

Finally, it is absolutely astounding to many people across the world that "conservatives" act all holy and teary-eyed when it comes to abortion but then wave the flag around and call for "Murika" to go get them Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It's absolutely MIND-BLOWING that "conservative" "Christians" fight tooth and nail against helping the poor here, higher taxes for the rich, and health care, while simultaneously fighting tooth and nail against any military cuts or responsibility for corporations and our foreign policy.

The world is watching, and laughing.
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