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Subject Africa to Obama..... We want Bush Back
Poster Handle FatalW1shes
Post Content
Obama Africa Trip: Bush Was Better For Africa Than the Guy Accused Of Being Born in Kenya

Air Force One touched down in Senegal Wednesday evening, marking the beginning of a three-country Africa trip by President Barack Obama, designed to increase U.S. investment in the continent as well as promote development objectives and democratic governance. The trip, however, is too little too late for disillusioned Africans, whose optimism for more American engagement in the region upon Obama's election has been ignored by an administration mired in its own problems. In the face of Chinese dominance, increased security threats, and the relatively low costs, the administration should be investing energy and resources in Africa.

The irony is heavy, considering Obama's Kenyan roots and the fact that his predecessor, George W. Bush heavily criticized for his foreign policy follies is lauded by Africans and other world leaders for his involvement there.

[link to www.policymic.com]
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