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Message Subject DEEN'S Ex-Publisher Ballantine - Controlled By Bilderberg German Millionaires With USA Race War Agenda
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Now, if you don't realize the volumes of documentation on all this for the past 30 years....

After World War II, the Nazis, with the help of the British Royal Family, started their takeover of the USA, and now both political parties are working for them -- but here is the delicious irony - the crooked bought-off Congressmen think they are really working for Israel, when Netanyahu sold out to the followers of Herr Fuhrer years ago.

The takedown of America has been planned to utilize a race war.

The Zimmerman trial, and the Deen fiasco, have been orchestrated, as others on GLP have noted recently.

But hey - let's not forget the "Immigration Bill". Can't let the Latinos out of the mix!
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