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Message Subject Deer culling. Where's the meat?
Poster Handle Chrit
Post Content
Big business to the people who fleece the municipalities. They want to stop the regular hunters then tax the people and pay a few privileged hunters a yearís salary to kill the deer. Meat is then donated to shelters, though more than once the mean was discarded because of federal laws.

2011; Contract: Solon Could Pay USDA $128,000 to Cull 400 to 500 Deer

[link to solon.patch.com]

2013; Solon Spent $132K On Deer Culling In 2013

Solon spent as much as $132,719 on its deer culling program this year, about $50,000 less than last year.

[link to solon.patch.com]

The problem in Solon is crazy itís caused by people feeding the deer, it is not legal to feed the deer at all now but they still do it. Iíve seen packs of 100+ deer, that is not natural. I myself hit two deer in one week once.

Off the top of my head they had 52 deer accidents last year, my guess is more then that. I never reported my two at all. That means by population you about 0.5% chance of hitting a deer in your car in that city. Course that is not a true number because of commuters, but you get the point.

Canít find the story but we had a pack of 40+ deer starve to death two or three years back, this is what happens when someone feeds a pack then moves away or quits feeding them because they went broke.

They could be making money off this by attracting hunters from other states rather than spending money.

But the truth is itís a hand full of guys who do the culling and are good friends with the city who collect the $120,000+ in a very short period of time to do this.

Extend the season, up the tags, the guy above is right. White tail deer kill more people then any other animal on the planet, I've seen it happen with my own eyes. Saw a old lady who put her hands on the dashboard as the car hit the deer, airbags snapped her wrists like pencils.


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