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Message Subject Why is everyone so quick to point the finger towards Obama?
Poster Handle Philip
Post Content
A president sets the tone for what is planned to happen.

He has the loudest microphone. He puts forth ideas that get people to take action , good or bad.

If he hates his country, real patriots withdraw from him, and he then surrounds himself with more traitors.

If he faggotizes his military, he again sets the tone and attitude of the rest of the world toward his country.

He sets the tone by calling his political opposition "enemies" while addressing foreign invaders.

He subverts the Rule of Law by enforcing some and ignoring others.

The man is a traitor.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34853598


One of the funniest, and dumbest, posts I've seen here.
 Quoting: Occams Taser

WHAT?!?!?! YOU FUCKWIT!! The AC was spot-on! I couldn't have said what he said better myself. You must be another Obama employee.
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