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Message Subject Why is everyone so quick to point the finger towards Obama?
Poster Handle Anonymous-User
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He controls very little. Anyone that went through a Middle School Social Science class would understand that Obama is not truly in charge, and we have checks and balances in place to prevent abuse of power. He is merely a distraction. A puppet for the Elite. So many people seem to agree with me, yet they post Anti-Obama crap all the time. I think it is time we stop attacking the Presidents, and start looking higher up the chain. It is time to rip the mask off of the liars that have had the majority of the United States manipulated all these years. Don't get me wrong, I am not a big fan of Obama. I am not a big fan of Paula Deen either, but I am not going to blame her for the Food Network's boring programs.
 Quoting: roswelleric

Controlling has little to do with why I dislike him so much. He's supposed to be the voice of the people in the government. The president's job is to appeal to the people who elected him in, he hasn't done a very good job of that if you ask me. Then again, the last few presidents haven't met those standards either.

There was such a huge hubbub about him being the first black president and how he was going to be our friend, the voice of the communities, the one to finally spin the world around and show everyone what we Americans are capable of. He didn't at all do that. "Change" was his slogan, the idea of having someone as articulate and intelligent as him on the side of the people was supposed to be such a great thing. He fell short on every single aspect that we all hoped for him to be. Yet, he went even further than that, he's just as manipulative, corrupt, and deceptive as any other half witted shit brain president we've had in office lately. He's for the government spying on its people for "national security", changing laws, and implementing new ones that further fuck over the American people.

Yes, there is indeed a lot wrong with the government, the country and the way things are set up. But he's certainly not making any situation better for anyone.

I am sorry if the average American cannot understand or see the travesties that he has committed against us, and our beliefs (the constitution).

I am also not sure why others dislike him, these are my thoughts and feelings about not only him, but the way that we've been treated through the last few presidents.. Granted I haven't been alive to witness how other presidents handled various situations that we've had to overcome. I am 24 and haven't been aware of many of the ideas and beliefs people have on this site until just the last few years.

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