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Message Subject Obama administration paid contractors millions to snoop through Americans’ financial data
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
That's whats happen when the people allow an illegal jail like Guantanamo. Nobody did nothing about that, so your goverment think "ok,so if they don't say a word about this, let's keep on this way fellas!"
So they will keep violating your rights till someone start to scream!

USA needs the Ecuador aid on human rights noooow!!!

Thread: Ecuador snubs US trade ‘blackmail’ over Snowden, offers human rights training. HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41052716

Please post What is going on in your economy. Come on throw us a bone.
I said something about G MO. They should have killed them all.
 Quoting: STARLING

Our economy grows 5% last month and 2,5% in 2012. Our principal costumers (USA and Spain) are in the worst economic situation ever, eventhought Argentina's economy still growing. Most because of the price of soy and corn (our best expo comodities).
Now we are dealing trying to take out the dollar from our economic system to prevent a situation like the Japan. Our goverment is doing a lot of bussines with China and next year China will be our best costumer taking the USA to second place. And Russia is becoming the 3rd one taking Spain to 4th place.
The only think I dissagree with our govermet is the deal that they made with Monsanto... Cause we are patent new weed , they allow monsanto to do what they want here...
Argentina economy will grow between 5% and 6% next year cause the food prices will keep growing and we are a food export country

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