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Message Subject June 28, 1969 - The First Ever Pride Parades, In Vintage Photos
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is why people so despise homosexuals. You. Always. Have. To. Be. Pushing. Your. Sexual. Orientation. On. Us.

No one cares. We don't need to be reminded, daily, what special rainbow warriors you are. Most people would rather you just went about your day like the rest of us. You don't see people posting all day long how full of pride they are that they are heterosexual.

We don't have parades.
We don't ask for everyone to think we're super special snowflakes.
We don't DEMAND that everyone agree with us.
We don't DEMAND that we have to be accepted.

Get over yourselves.
 Quoting: AnathemaTNO

Written by someone who has never been discriminated against to the extreme.

If they told you that you could not visit the person you love most in the world (that has nothing to do with sex) while they were suffering in the hospital...you would march, you would demand that you be treated the same way as everyone else is.

Stop thinking about the sex and focus on the love.

That's good advice to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42164341

Just a couple of things, lots of people are discriminated against. I have struggled with weight my whole life. I was treated differently all growing up because of my weight and there are some very painful memories. Why is that less important than any other form of discrimination?? People who are not considered attractive are discriminated against and are made fun of and bullied. And Gay people are the worst at making fun of "Ugly" people, so you can get off your high horse.

And since when can you not visit your significant other in the hospital?? I have visited friends in ICU and you didn't have to be family or anything. They just limited visitors to 2 at a time during visiting hours. Even the spouse couldn't go back except during visiting hours in ICU unless a person was getting ready to die and my experience is the family could include anybody they wanted to in the room at that time, so I don't know what you are talking about.

Where is all this stuff about being denied visitation in hospitals coming from???. I have never seen that happen, and, unfortunately, I have been at the hospital with various family and friends.

And you guys are the ones who focus all the time on the sex, so don't give me that either.
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