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Message Subject Freemason Moses' collaboration with Satan is in the Talmud. Here are the documents to prove it.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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oh man . the catholic shills are out today lol . so youre so desperate in promoting the pope that you'll openly admit the fact that they oppose the bible ? And then spread crap about how the bible is allegedly satanic because the talmud says so when in reality the talmud itself is satanic and shouldnt be trusted for anything ? The talmud is just as satanic as your sick papacy , the scriptures are truth and anything the talmud says wont change that
 Quoting: person 27415310

The Papacy is in Jewish hands right now, hence the Apocalypse. The Lord they promote in their new modern 'Mass' is the same one the Talmud is promoting as "god". Once everyone falls for this false god, get reader for the revealing of the red heifer and its slaughter by angry mobs of deceived Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and low-level Jews. Time to wake up, son.
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