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Message Subject Pterodactyl sighting today
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I was going to a job my dad and I are doing, a few miles out into nowhere where we have a camper set up. Three of us are watching a particular site 24/7 keeping logs of who goes in and out for a company. I get there and my dad has his binoculars out and is excited about something.

He says he was laying back in a lawn chair and spotting planes cruise by now and then. Then he saw something that was too small to be a plane, and not nearly as high but still pretty far in the air. He thought it must be a drone so he grabbed his binoculars and tracked it for a few miles until it faded in the distance. It definitely wasn't a drone. He says it had a wingspan of like 10-20 feet and clearly had a tail. It's wings had no feathers and a little bit of light was visible through them.

My dad swears it was a pterodactyl. He's not the type to make shit up. Retired law enforcement with a military type personality. Always serious and down to business. No shit pterodactyls flying around. Either that or a drone disguised as a flying lizard.
 Quoting: hwke

There are plenty of documented sightings, some during the civil war. Search pterodactyl sightings.
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