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Subject Illuminati insider article
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I posted a thread last week looking for an article I read a while back (not the Hidden Hand)...this was almost a completely opposite message from the Hidden Hand..this was talking about how we are trapped inside a slave planet and when we die we are caught in a sort of 'net' and sent back down to reincarnate and our memories are wiped so that we cannot remember all that we've previously learned. It says something about how the idea of reincarnating to 'learn' is flawed as we are basically forcefully wiped of our memories so that we just repeat the process over and over and over. I cannot seem to find this article no matter how hard I try, does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Also, the reason I made a new thread is because I can't find the old one to simply /bump..so sorry about that. Thanks!
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