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Message Subject Germans Loved Obama - Now We Donít Trust Him
Poster Handle Numb9
Post Content
Bush was such a horrible president that he forced the political pendulum to swing so far to the left that now we are stuck with a Neo-Marxist anti-capitalist and anti-American president in the White House IMO. What's worse is that now this current administration has taken the NSA surveillance program that Bush Sr. started and has blown it out the barn doors by expanding the program to spy on everyone including "patriotic" Americans, Europeans and anyone else around the world who may type "Obama" or "surveillance" or "NSA" onto their laptops or other devices. As a matter of fact, this post will likely be going straight to the NSA data mining center here in the states. Yes, we certainly lost our privacy in the name of "security" and I fear it won't be long before this administrations's own version of the brown shirts (I.e. FEMA surge protection force) will be knocking on doors of those who are not in-line with this current administration's policies/ideology. Sadly, we are seeing history repeat itself and there doesn't seem to be much resistance, and when Americans do finally wake up it will be while on the trains heading to FEMA camps just as the Jews were headed to the concentration camps.
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