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Message Subject Germans Loved Obama - Now We Donít Trust Him
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In Germany, whenever the government begins to infringe on individual freedom, society stands up. Given our history, we Germans are not willing to trade in our liberty for potentially better security. Germans have experienced firsthand what happens when the government knows too much about someone. In the past 80 years, Germans have felt the betrayal of neighbors who informed for the Gestapo and the fear that best friends might be potential informants for the Stasi. Homes were tapped. Millions were monitored.

Although these two dictatorships, Nazi and Communist, are gone and we now live in a unified and stable democracy, we have not forgotten what happens when secret police or intelligence agencies disregard privacy. It is an integral part of our history and gives young and old alike a critical perspective on state surveillance systems.
 Quoting: Niemand


Germans still love socialism and worship government (including the EUSSR), and especially those pathetic so called "atheists" who really are statheists.

Germans gave up most of their guns and think the american 2A is evil, that's all you need to know about the brainwashed germans who are all statists/marxists.

Democracy is Socialism!

Just like in America, we have BOTH, a republic AND a democracy. They are not mutually exclusive.

A republic is a self-governing forum of people.

A democracy/government is a legal entity (which can use a TM name like "Republic XY") full of employees etc.
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