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Message Subject Germans Loved Obama - Now We Donít Trust Him
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well, if the placid Germans are anything to go by, Kiwis are really really PISSED OFF!

The Americans have essentially declared war on everyone by spying on them.
They have subverted democratic nations, screwed with the financial system to bring about its collapse, and now think that every person in the world comes under their laws.

Fuck em!

America couldn't even invade Iraq properly (the English did it in 6 weeks and built schools and hospitals) the Americans brought genocide and destruction - and lost.
They've lost in Afghanistan.

What's going to happen when the fuck everyone off??

They are going to get their balls slice off.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1483106

You are delusional. And why do so many Kiwis, Australians and even Canadians still think they're British? Most Brits couldn't pin point NZ on a fucking map if their life depended on it. Most Brits know Canada simply as this huge cold, frozen country north of the U.S. And when they here 'Australia' they think Kangaroos and Mel Gibson. And I'm not saying Americans are any better. Interestingly, for some reason, we get loads of news from Australia, but next to nothing from NZ, and very little from Canada, even though we have a 4000 plus mile border with them. Australia for some reason always gets a lot of press in the U.S.
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