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Message Subject Germans Loved Obama - Now We Donít Trust Him
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
U.S. spying in Germany: The lovely allies

Welcome to the Cold War 2.0: Just we were best friends, now the Germans are only "third-class partner." Do Americans still not trust us, almost 70 years after the war? The answer is no. But they trust nobody anyway.

[link to translate.google.de]

Yes, it was a beautiful day, a hot day, when the U.S. President Barack Obama visited Berlin, not even two weeks ago that he was sweating in front of the Brandenburg Gate so much that he took off his jacket and said, "Under friends we can be a little relaxed."

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42645275

We, the American people, were your friend you were NEVER ours. We have moved on and suggest you do too.
 Quoting: davvi

Moved on to what exacly please ?

But you are right, we had to be your friends because you guys won the war.
For real we always had trouble with McDonalds and other typical "american ways".
We been joking about all shit came from America to Germany but it was a bitter reality.

In America a life is worth the shit under your shoes.
In Germany a life is worth everything.

You guys still have the death penality, you gonna kill people for pissing on your car due to your weapon rights.
Nevertheless nobody here can understand your double morality standarts and your nearly annoying call for god and your scary psychopatic christianity actions are just derailed for our european understanding.

No my friend, we have moved on, America has moved back.
You guys just need more love.
 Quoting: Rawfox

you rub yourself too much Hans. If you think we are dumb fucks how about you guys handing your country over to the muzzies? Lessee now, Big Mac or Koran? Must be a trick question.
 Quoting: Kirk

Kirk, that's the kind of mongoloid retards I've to put up with here in germany... I am sick of it!

Look at how he defends this disgusting european slave mentality and marxist government worship... they think "christianity" is psychopathic but the EU or german government are somehow magically immnune to psychopathy? Europe was based on christianity and real morality until it was destroyed with cultural marxism...

German scum like still don't understand how important guns and the right to self-defense are... and then they cry and moan about the holocaust, constantly asking "how could this happen?!" over and over again...

Not even people with down syndrome are this stupid...
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