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Message Subject Crop circles are man-made? Explain this 13 mile long 'Crop Circle' in the Desert (Video)
Poster Handle aH.E.M.
Post Content
Sorry, should have finished reading the thread before jumping in with the me-me-me-I-know-I-know-I-know-what-it-is.

Oh, and as someone above pointed out, there are those who believe that this guy just took credit for the Yantra, but didn't actually make it. There have been some valid points raised about how hard the ground is to actually do what he said his team did. Also I think it's been pointed out that the amount of material removed to create the pattern comes out to a significant volume, with no corresponding mound of material nearby. I haven't looked closely enough to verify that it's not somehow just "spread around".

So I should have thrown that caveat in with the message I shouldn't have posted because it was already covered. Huh?

Wait, how did it get to be 5:40am? No wonder I'm raving.

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