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Message Subject Masonic Ritual: the CABLE-TOW & SUPERMAN
Poster Handle New Heart
Post Content
The Seal of Solomon, Star of David or the Creator’s Star is the fire and water symbols. The marriage of opposites and the mastery of the "forces." Fire is an equilateral triangle with its apex pointing upwards for flame ascends in that form and Water again is its opposite element that is denoted by a triangle with the apex pointing downwards showing the way or how water exerts its power.


When we master these forces we can become like Supermen and like Gods to people on earth who have not mastered these forces and are but Satan's tools, AKA ignorant slaves who by free choice choose to be like Satan rather than be like Christ.

33rd Degree Freemason Manly P Hall in the "Secret Teachings of All Ages on pg 143 said this;

“What the sun is to the solar system, the spirit is to the bodies of man; for his natures, organs, and functions are as planets surrounding the central life (or sun) and living upon its emanations. The solar power in man is divided into three parts, which are termed the threefold human spirit of man. All three of these spiritual natures are said to be radiant and transcendent; united, they form the Divinity in man. Man’s threefold lower nature- consisting of his physical organism, his emotional nature, and his mental faculties-reflects the light of his three fold Divinity and bears witness of It in the physical world.\

Man’s three bodies are symbolized by an upright triangle, when united in the form of a six-pointed star, were called by the Jews ‘the Star of David,’ ‘the Signet of Solomon,’ and are more commonly known today as the ‘Star of Zion.’ These triangles symbolize the spiritual and material universes linked together in the constitution of the human creature, who partakes of both Nature and Divinity. Man’s animal nature partakes of the earth; his divine nature of the heavens; his human nature of the mediator.”

Baphomet Luke Br

God Washington
 Quoting: Gnostic Warrior

overcoming this world brings Sacred Marriage and returning to the Divine GODHEAD. Now some will try and demonize this. The Kingdom coming as above, so below.
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