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Message Subject Masonic Ritual: the CABLE-TOW & SUPERMAN
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Great post Abhie as always. However, I do not agree that the logo is a neck tie or represents Saturn. It is a serpent representing wisdom and knowledge.

"Be ye wise as serpents." Symbolical worship of the serpent is one of the most ancient idols that can be found throughout history. Blavatsky - Masters of Wisdom, and all Initiates into the Sacred Mysteries, are called Nagas, or Serpents of Wisdom.

Quote - but passion, as long as men live in a state of barbarism, and superstition prevails over the serpent—wisdom, therefore it is said that God bruises the head of the serpent, but afterwards, when men become fully civilized, reason overcomes passion, and assumes the precedence which belongs to it, therefore it is said, that at the last the serpent shall bruise the heel of God so that he shall fall backward,* and that is the whole plot of the drama; - The Isis: A London weekly publication edited by Eliza Sharples Carlille pg 538
 Quoting: Gnostic Warrior

Methinks its one of the layered meanings that went into it, or was adapted to it. See the evolution of the Superman logo, to see what they kept in after all these years, and what they threw out. The logo represents the KNOT of the NECK TIE>
I agree with you in that the S represents the Serpent. A gnostic symbol of a great many things.
THe SERPENT, that you mention GW, is WITHIN the logo shape.
So while you focus on the SERPENT, you are ignoring what the shape it is contained in ...represents.


P.S> They say that the true meaning of the SERPENT symbol is the SPERM. The male sperm looks very much like a snake. And that everything occult denotes nothing but FERTILITY.
Thats all there is to occult magic: FERTILITY.
 Quoting: abhie

Everything you say I agree with except that the S logo is a neck tie. peace

He is not of this planet and represent the Sons of God who took the daughters of men as you sort of explained in your slides. Superman is the fire and serpent in which Eve is the water who represents the daughters of men that had taken from the "tree of life - AKA DNA" the spark from the sons of god. Hence, when the Sons of God took the daughters of men, they essentially had become fallen angels who were hybrids now. Eve now had wisdom because of Adam's seed These hybrids were the Israelites.
 Quoting: Gnostic Warrior

oh yes it IS a necktie.
i was just musing yesterday about the ties and how it makes a triangle at their throat and how SLAVES actually wear them.well, id call them corporate slaves.thats what the necktie means to me, they are collared.
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