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Illuminati real or not?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 29104199
United States
07/01/2013 11:42 AM
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Illuminati real or not?
Illuminati real or not? If you Watch these videos you know with out a doubt its all real.

Question is, what are you going to do about it?

[link to www.youtube.com]

The Bible mentions World Government and de population on mass scale. Lets see...they been doing it softly as of now abortion/condoms etc are so popular :O

Bad news, they are getting impatient which is why they need the staged war "World War 3" Islam vs Israel. That is why all the Muslims are being released in Western Country's so we get involved in the Middle East.

Check France/England etc.. Muslim Sharia Law is accepted in some city's and taking over. Its on purpose :O

Also got bad news for all those alien believers.

UFO flying disk's were built in Nazi Germany. After WW2 the United States later worked on them in America to improve what the Germans had built. Ufos/Aliens were later used as psychological warfare on the public. The first test about aliens was "War of the Worlds broadcast". Sorry guys they are fake, greys are humans who's DNA has been altered to look like greys. Reason for aliens excuse to cover up the rapture. That is why they abduct people to do experiments on people. wink wink :]

To anyone who thinks rapture was created recently check back in history has been mentioned in 1500-2000 year old texts :)

Oh and the people who think the Bible is fake, better Research it good before you call it fake :)

Last but not least. The Original English 1611 King James Bible texts mentioned the Illuminati with their # 666

Hope you guys believe in Jesus Christ cause your gonna need him were in some bad times :)

Not to scare anyone, but the Bible does state the Illuminati will rule 7 years before they are destroyed so were looking at some big trouble on Planet earth soon.

Almost forgot! Reason most people think Christianity is fake. The Illuminati infiltrated the churches in 1960s to promote fake Christianity. Why do you think they churn out new bibles each year removing texts.

Most of you people will think I am crazy, sadly most of you wont do the research. At least its not on my Head anymore.