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Message Subject Pointing a Laser, Then seeing a UFO
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ok, so I have no idea how to describe this, but here goes.

Recently we have been seeing a lot of what I will call UFO activity by our place. They look like moving stars that shine bright and dim themselves very quickly. They sometimes do very strange flight patterns, like zigzag or even turn 90 degrees very quickly.

Well since we have been seeing them more frequently, I figured why not shine a laser at them to see if I can get maybe more of a response. Its only a 5mw laser and no I am not pointing it at airplanes etc. So while I started to point the laser at the 2nd UFO we seen on the night, a massive flash occured. This flash was close, not the same size as the moon, but pretty close in brightness. Only lasted about 5 seconds, but I immediately stopped pointing the laser. Was very intense and we were both kind of creeped out to say the least.

Has anyone ever experienced this, or even seen this moving objects in the night sky? Please respond with any info you might have, as this is really a strange thing.

Yes there are videos out there we have seen and can compare too. We are currently working on getting a kick ass camera to provide evidence.

Post your incidents no matter how far fetched you think they are!
 Quoting: Curiosity 41833027

Heard this before, someone pointed a flashlight towards them and it got their attention right away and they kept returning.

We see the orbs in Alberta on any given night, just spend some time looking at the sky and you will see them alright. Some people claim they are satellites but i think those need to reflect the sun to be visible, these things are self illuminated and move across the sky much faster than a satellite.

my Mom was visiting one night and one went over us at about 800 feet, bright as hell, her mouth dropped when i asked her if she heard any engine noise, there was none. Of course we are near CFB Edmonton so these could be exotic military aircraft.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1155446

We agree that some of these things people are seeing could very well be exotic as you say military aircraft. We believe though as you are saying in your story here that there are some that are not.
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