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Message Subject Pointing a Laser, Then seeing a UFO
Poster Handle robomont
Post Content
its not illegal to use a laser as a star pointer and its not your fault if a plane flies into your laser.its only illegal to point at a recognizable plane or helicopter.
actually lasers creep ufo pilots out because first it means they can be spotted out.this is because the cloaking mechanism doesnt work against lasers.it cant bend a laser like it does regular light.
to know what the usa cloaking ability is just look at yt tr3b paris.its obvious.
the zigzag ones are the old sport model.both use the same levatating and cloaking tech.
if its an infared laser then the pilot thinks he is being filmed because most video cameras use infared for distance auto focusing.

the dryer the air the easier there propulsion works.
they are easy to see at dusk and dawn because they cant bend the sunlight so it reflects like a lazer would.they are also easier to see at a side and distance than if they are directly overhead.the cloaking works best at top and bottom.

yes there have been more sightings.ive seen two in the last month.one last night.

i have a 1500mw 445nm blue.its beam turns whittish at a mile.i reccomend green as its beam color will stay truer.

buy american made and research the web.dont get scammed by chinese makers and have a chance of customs getting it.there are good cheap laser builders all over the world.buy local.
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