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Message Subject Pointing a Laser, Then seeing a UFO
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I too have done this OP, this is what I had posted in a thread I made a while back.

Saw another on July 2nd. Wasn't a flasher but what it did surprise me. It was mostly cloudy at around 4:30AM. A dim object directly overhead and moving from North to South became visible through a break in the thick cloud cover.
I shined a green 50mw laser at it, initially thinking it was a satellite. With the beam aimed directly in front of it by just a hair it does a loop and then continues in its original direction for a breif second or so further before becoming obscured by the clouds.

No photographic evidence to back up my claim though. If you believe me great, if not, then more power to you.

I haven't got access to a video camera capable of taking video of something so dim in the night sky as this was. My camera is only effective using continuous shot on auto mode. Even then I'd have to have to have the camera shutter button held down the entire time so its constantly taking photos. I've captured some satellites with it but I can tell in between each exposure theres about a half second delay which is plenty of time to miss something.
 Quoting: Lord Kinbote

I was planning on doing this again tonight after beginning to read this thread but it looks like more rain rain rain here in "Jawja"; possibly well into next week. We're getting soaked.
 Quoting: Lord Kinbote

Thats great. We can understand that getting a camera etc to try and capture these will be a costly venture. We are currently working towards that.

On another note, the last few nights has been perfect. The time has changed for when they appear now but we have seen more.

Going to elaborate in post further.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41833027

I feel I do need to add for any stargazers that some of these are geostationary satellites, or other space junk that is not plotted on sites like Heavens-Above. Just feel it worth mentioning because when I first starting to stargaze it kind freaked me out. Geo Sats are mostly in the Southern Sky at around 40-50° altitude.

Later today I'll upload the video I did take a while back using a Logitech C210 webcam with the lens filter removed for better light sensitivity.
Its interesting and certainly wasn't a satellite and it didn't seem like like an aircraft either. Its a strobing white light that enters the frame, crosses the top right side and then just stops blinking.

Its the best evidence I've gathered myself. I had setup the webcam pointing skyward on my windowsill and then went outside where I first saw it start blinking about 65° off the Southeast horizon and heading ~N. I watched for a couple seconds and ran inside to grab some binoculars. I was MAYBE inside for 10 seconds and it was nowhere to be found in the direction I had last seen it to be traveling.

The video isn't great quality I'll be the first to admit that. I'll post it up for any input you guys might have because I'm not sure what the hell it was.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35219518

That would be great, would love to see your video! Keep looking too, we understand that early mornings around 2am are good times to view as well.
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