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Message Subject Pointing a Laser, Then seeing a UFO
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A little update,

So for the last 3 nights, we have had the same thing, usually between 3-5 "moving stars" in different directions.

They seem to move SE to NW for a few while others come from NW and goto the east. They still have their wiggly little patterns about them and I have used the lasers on a few as well.

Tonight was great though, after the first very faint sighting we saw another one clipping along. I pointed the laser at the one moving quickly and then it happened again. A very large flash near the "moving star" and it was like a photography flash. It seemed to fade in and out within about 2-3 seconds. We are going out again in about 2 hours or so and will update back. We are hearing later at night the shows are better.

Also, have most of the money to get a good camera and are going to start looking now.
Again please feel free to post your encounters...
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