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Message Subject Pointing a Laser, Then seeing a UFO
Poster Handle inwilddreams
Post Content
Ok, I am glad I found this forum!! Every night I stare up at the sky, and tell the stars to communicate with me, let me in their space and come into mine, etc...

so on Monday, I saw a ball of light with a tail...so I got all happy, I don't care what anyone wants to believe, it wasn't a shooting star or anything i have ever seen.

So, I went and got some laser pointers. Started flashing them at the stars. Now I am really careful and wait until after 11pm so the airplane traffic is minimal. Fast forward to last night.

At 3:30 am, my baby woke up screaming. I made her a bottle, went into the bathroom and felt compelled to go out on the patio. Part of me wanted to, but the other part was dead tired so I went and peeked out the blinds. I saw a light flashing, and then it stopped....so I went outside and looked up. The sky was completely clear except for one cloud. I was looking around, observing the sky....when I realized there were lights coming from the cloud. I drew my attention back over to the cloud and studied it for a long time. And holy shit, I all of the sudden realized the lights were patterned...and were flashing in sequence! I got a little overwhelmed and it was unexpected, and I kept staring. It slowly dispersed and disappeared. I went back to bed....told my boyfriend this morning who of course laughed his ass off at me, like always. But I had to share. You don't have to believe me I really don't care. I wrote this for the others out there that know. :)

I will be out there every night with my laser...I will keep posting if more activity occurs!
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