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Message Subject Russia & China give grave warning to US. Obama, Policy's in middle east could be catastrophic to the American People!
Poster Handle mrsnacks
Post Content
I'm telling you... this is coming. you better get prepared mentally... this is going to be a very long war, encompassing all of europe and the USA as the bible states it will and billions will die of both war and famine... just get prepared any way you can. mentally, physically and spiritually...

I have a single word for you: "Seth"

After Cain slew Able in the field God had appointed Adam and eve a new son..

That's what the name seth means GOD APPOINTED A NEW SON!


No one knows what will happen. All these Bible quotes mean nothing. It is quite easy. Most of your Christian prophet Hal Lindsey has been off and wrong many times along with other Christian self proclaimed prophets such as Jack Van Impe and Doug Clark and the rest of the bunch. How can you prepare when the future doesn't exist and is unknown ? YOu say Jesus is coming soon yet this has been said for 2000 years. All Christians are not in unity over one doctrine in the Bible. All you are expressing is your interpretation borrowed from another believer. War is the flipside of peace. You can't have one without the other for each is defined by the other. Prepare? Are you prepared and I will say you aren't yet you want the rest to prepare.
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