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Message Subject World War 3 is really talking about World War 4- Full Scale Alien Invasion
Poster Handle Elizastorm
Post Content
Yes, the aliens are here and have always been here. We are the intralopers. The Judeo-Christian faction from Mars we we destroyed with nuclear weapons. We arre hellbent oppn Mutual Assured Destruction rather tthan give into a cosmic sanity. We do not eveer want to wave the flag of surrender beecause we are the 'fallen angels".

It will be a false flag 'alien invasion' from SDI weapon platforms to create the One World government which will eeuthanize 85 % of you dumb sheep, so that we can have a utopian and intergalactic society without the dumb jackasses to carry our suitcases, mow our lawns, transfer our wealth, etc. etc. .

Obviously, this OP is a paranoid shill hoping to get a ticket to a Homeland Defense underground cities. Ain't gonna happen shil! Line up for the Halliburton camps now and say your prayers.

Stray from thhe truth and pay the consequences.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41770633

When it goes down, the last place you want to be is living in some bunker underground. When it comes to Aliens invading earth from the ground up, Homeland Securty doesn't exist. So I can assure you I am not trying to get a ticket into a buriel site. Black Reptilians living underground wanting to destroy mankind is not a false flag.Man wanting to kill man is going to have to take a back seat. A bigger, way more dangerous and Immortal Surperior problem exists. In the ground, sea and sky.
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