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Message Subject There Has Been A Major Escalation In UFO sightings! - Proof Is In The News!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here's why they aren't military:

1. The technology is too advanced. These are not solid triangular crafts, they are individual orbs of light. They are clearly employing anti-gravity technology. There are many videos and eyewitness accounts in which they are seen accelerating at high rates of speed and maneuvering in ways that suggest a level of technology hundreds if not thousands of years ahead of ours.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42480082

The 1940s were the heyday of new EMF technologies (radar, microwave, etc.) with the US military as the prime innovator. So it makes sense that some novel effects of focused microwaves would first appear in the 1940s.

Of course, they are far more advanced today. Glowing orbs are plasma balls formed by computer guided beams of microwave lasers (MASERS).

See this WIRED article:

Researchers working with high-power laser weapons discovered that they could create a glowing ball of fire in the sky by crossing the beams of two powerful infrared lasers…By moving the laser beams around the sky, the researchers found they could shift the plasma ball back and forth at very high speed…. At night, they demonstrated their skills, flying their glowing creations in formation high above the cold desert.

[link to www.wired.com]
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