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Message Subject There Has Been A Major Escalation In UFO sightings! - Proof Is In The News!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
PROJECT AVALON - Interview "Rulers of the World"

[link to projectavalon.net]

C: Well, I will tell you something about those craft that has never come out.

BR: Tell me.

C: Right. You know youíve got sight, you to go to Mexico and somethingís a mile across. And then you come to Nevada and it is 600 feet across.

BR: Okay.

C: Itís triangular.

BR: Right. Yeah.

C: All right. So how about it being ten triangles that can lock in together and fly in the same formation?

BR: Oh, okay.

C: And then they can split.

BR: Okay. So they fit together like bricks.

C: Yeah.

BR: Or like pieces.

C: And they can do that in motion.

BR: Okay. Is this some, and these are our craft [that] youíre talking about?

C: Yeah. Modular.

BR: Yeah. And youíre telling...

C: So you can see how easy that would be to confuse every individual, because one day itís a star and the next day itís a triangle.

BR: Okay.

C: And then it can split up and go in all different directions.

BR: Okay.

C: You try and explain this. Itís got to be extraterrestrial, hasnít it, if it can split up into ten different pieces when it was one craft, and then disappear off quite quickly, in all different directions.

BR: Okay. And you have been told this?

C: Iíve not just been told it. Iíve seen it.

BR: Youíve seen it. Okay. okay.

C: Technologyís hundreds of years further forward.

BR: Yes. Yes.

C: It is. And not just technology. You got to understand, if you go back to, letís say, one loves it. Letís go back to the pyramids age one. If you knew, if you were in power at that point, and you knew about electricity, and the man in the street at that point who was lugging stones around for you, can you imagine how much more powerful you are than him?
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