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Message Subject There Has Been A Major Escalation In UFO sightings! - Proof Is In The News!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I really want to believe those are aliens in those objects, I honestly do. I just can't accept that they are without any logical proof. Sure, they are unidentified, but that's a very large leap to assume they are creatures from another world with fantastic technology. Not only that, but the diehard ufo buffs start inserting their own ideology over the ufos, saying things like "Yeah, I'm certain they are aliens and they are here to save us from ourselves" Or applying some sort of religious intention to them. It's not enough to have people say "yeah, they are real, and yes, they are this and that, I've talked to them blah blah blah" w/o any substantial proof. I really hope they are aliens because the chaos that would erupt from the revelation that we aren't alone, and aren't all powerful in the universe would drive this world into some pretty hilarious corners. But until then, I will continue to keep an open but skeptical mind.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42236936

OK, this isn't intended to bash on you. It's intended to make you re-evaluate how you arrive at your conclussion, and it's important to think about in general terms because it is a view shared by many people. So, again, your view is an example of many peoples views. So this isn't an attack on you personally.

There's a difference between being critical and being skeptical. Being critical requires self descipline, which means supporting your thoughts with a logic built from evidence. Being skeptical is essentially the same as being a Zombie, and believing all that you're told from traditional source like TV: Itself a known source of terrible disinformation, and virtually steady stream of lies. In other words, mind controlled thought induces the so called faith based believers, which I believe the skeptic falls in to as one of these faith based believers.

You do not need an authority figure to tell it's true or false. It's Ok to reason out your own ideas and don't expect your first conclussions will be correct either.

Remember: All Knowledge is Fluid.

So it's fine to be critical in your views, but you have to be able to support them. Where the so-called skeptic is essentially no different from a faith based belief system.

The idea is to get you to become critical and make arguments based on logic, not on the failures of equally faith based beliefs of UFO-Nuts, and which you are yourself using to supposedly arrive at a logical deduction.

The notion of what constitutes evidence has changed over time. Remember there was a time when spectral evidence was accepted in a court. Spectral evidence consists of dreams and visions, as in the fake allegations of the kids in the infamous Salem Witch Trials. This is different than circumstantial evidence.

For example, in a trial of Ted Bundy, his arrest for murder was based upon circumstantial evidence. He a white volkswage bug, the bug has a dent in the right front fender and a cracked tail light. The same bug was missing the passenger front seat. The car also had some lengths of rope and some handcuffs. These and other aspects allowed the police to use probable cause in effecting an arrest based on descriptions of a suspect vehicle, as well as the suspect. So, even though no one could say; yes, that's the guy, it is an overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence.

Most legal cases are resolved on circumstatial evidence. The perponderance of evidence, which excludes a signed confession for example, is what makes up the circumstantial evidence. In short, it is what any normal person would conclude is the truth without absolute proof.

Ted Bundy was thought to have murdered over 300 people.

AS for UFO's, well all that means is we the public do not have an official and demonstrated existence of anti-gravitational machines. Yet the evidence and verbal affirmations to the existance of this technology is beyond all doubt, coming from figures like Kelly Johnson of Lockheed: Almost as close as God himself tell you it's real.

The existance of the TR-3B and how it operates is basically common knowledge, so we can be positive that gravitational space craft are in the inventory of the military.

I utterly fail to see how anyone could possibly conclude that this planet isn't now, and in the past as well, being visited by advanced civilizations, but that is an entirely removed argument because first the possibility of such a probability happening has to be established for most people to first understand it is posssible.

This goes back to understanding all knowledge is fluid.

You have to do your homework, and you have to do it seeking the truth, not in order to validate a current belief. Certainly there is a hidden civilization. A military based organization which has gravitational control.
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