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Message Subject There Has Been A Major Escalation In UFO sightings! - Proof Is In The News!
Poster Handle IMAM:)
Post Content
I'm so done with this UFO Shit. show yourself or forget it, Is it fantasy land??? or real ???? dam-it!! I'm so tired of these post and they never come to pass.... if your real then show yourself so the human race can move on. If not then boy i guess we had wishful thinking. any how God Bless and see u when these space brothers and sisters show up when we don't need them. We can do this ourselves people. All it takes some personal responsibility?? Can we really say we are an evolved race if someone has to do it for us.... I don't need someone from another planet to tell me how to live on my planet, because they don't understand our circumstances on how we live with each other. this is Our Home NOT THEIRS!!!!!
 Quoting: IMAM:)

Excuse me, but you post this under the username of Imam! Irony personified.
 Quoting: Tess2012

IMAM is Me.. whether there are more is neither the case nor an issue to me. I AM THAT I AM and that will always be my story. I AM not GOD and will never proclaim to be such, but I AM and always will be. whether other users have my name, they also have a right to call themselves that, because they ARE!!! That is their story. As well as yours.
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