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Message Subject OPERATION EGYPT: Obama Scrambles to Save Morsi. Muslim-Brotherhood Thugs ready to Pulverize Protestors with Extreme Prejudice
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Egypt's military denies accusations of planning a coup after it lays down a wednesday deadline for politicians to resolve unrest

So waht did it mean????
Are the military still on Morsi's side??

 Quoting: Limpan

They are on nobody's side except the side of Egypt. They're neutral. Lets put it this way, they will take away "Egypt" from EVERYONE until they learn to share, and the Islamists can "try" to attack anyone, and you'll see what the Military will do.

No even the Cabinet and his Spokesperson resigned, his whole Regime is falling apart. Police is against him, Army is not going to protect him, instead they're putting pressure to solve the crisis and meet the people demands. 24 hours left now, I think we may not see this deadline elapse before something major is happening.
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