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Message Subject OPERATION EGYPT: Obama Scrambles to Save Morsi. Muslim-Brotherhood Thugs ready to Pulverize Protestors with Extreme Prejudice
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
First Police, then Army now MB warn of possible "imposters" to attack protesters....so, did TPTB decide by now which one they're going to use?


Lets talk about fearmongering and veiled threats a little more. With the Army on the people's side, I can see how that's complicating the situation now. In the end, some of us already know the outcome, so just make your moves already.

Muslim Brotherhood claims outside forces will attack Morsi opponents in order to incite violence against the Islamist group

The Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement on Tuesday warning of attacks planned against anti-Morsi protesters at Tahrir square and Ittihadiya presidential palace.

The Islamist group said the attacks will take place in an attempt to frame the Muslim Brotherhood and incite violence against them, "spreading strife in the country.”

“The Muslim Brotherhood is condemning such plans and actions if they occur, for it is concerned with the blood of Egyptians – of all Egyptians,” added the statement, which went on to assert that the group is working in the interest of the country by way of democratic procedures and not "violence, terrorism and killing.”
[link to english.ahram.org.eg]

Oh really? But telling Egyptians to go to Syria to fight a "jihad" that's not killing and terrorism? I'm really confused now.
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