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Message Subject OPERATION EGYPT: Obama Scrambles to Save Morsi. Muslim-Brotherhood Thugs ready to Pulverize Protestors with Extreme Prejudice
Poster Handle AWFEKKIT
Post Content
Make no mistake, a civil war for Egypt is in the cards...
 Quoting: recollector

There will be a few who will try to give that a go, but that's it. The army will not allow it. There are people who are pro-Morsi/MB/Freedom and Justice Party/Nour/Blah, blah, blah, whatever political affiliation in the army, but they are Egyptians first. It may take a couple of thickies getting killed to get the point across, but the army will not accept people recklessly killing people because, as we all know, that always ends up with a revenge killing - complete with a series of youtube videos - and the cycle continues.

Civil war? Ain't gonna happen.
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