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Message Subject New Study Suggests That 60 Billion(!) Alien Planets Could Support Life
Poster Handle AgnosticDeity
Post Content

[link to newscenter.berkeley.edu]

Granted it you can't do this in a lab. But the numbers work. Now for your proof of an intelligent designer.
 Quoting: AgnosticDeity


That's not proof of anything.

Try again...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25618393

You asked for sources that produced results of spontaneous life using the scientific method. I provided a source. here is another one.
[link to www.huffingtonpost.com]

The findings are fascinating, said Ralf Kaiser, a physical chemist who studies astrochemistry at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

"It opens another pathway to explain how these biological, or precursor molecules can be formed," Kaiser, who was not involved in the study, told LiveScience.

The team has shown that such precursor molecules "absolutely could be formed this way, no question," Kaiser said.

But it's not all or nothing: Some molecules could have been carried here by comets from outer space, while some formed on impact, and still others formed completely from home-grown materials. The tricky question is to determine what percentage of life's building blocks arose during each process, Kaiser said.

Of course you'll dismiss this as not proving anything, so I'll ask you for proof of an intelligent designer (which of course you'll not be able to adequately provide) and this back and forth can continue for all eternity. So I'll save us both some time by saying that hard scientific fact backs my argument, while blind illogical faith backs yours, and we will never be able to convince the other one that they are wrong.
 Quoting: AgnosticDeity


Spontaneous life happened in a lab then?

I didn't read that in your sources...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25618393

Yeah, in a lab they crashed a comet into the earth creating the protein chains that can form life... Halfwit they did it in a computer simulation (in case you are extra thick a simulation is a computer representation of real world physics.) If it worked in this program it would ABSOLUTELY work in the real world. There isn't a single credible scientist who disagrees with these findings. But like I said earlier, hard scientific fact back my argument, while blind illogical faith backs yours, and we will never be able to convince the other one that they are wrong.
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