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Message Subject New Study Suggests That 60 Billion(!) Alien Planets Could Support Life
Poster Handle Frater
Post Content

- New evidence suggests that carbon-based DNA (OUR DNA) actually dates back to over 8 billion years old.
- The Earth is only around 4.7 billion years old.
- Science's general consensus is that the first unicellular prokaryotic carbon-based forms got to this planet by way of space travel (whether that be planet hopping on asteroids, space floating like "water bears," or wormholes

All this information leads us to several close-to-certain conclusions:

1. Our predecessors almost DEFINITELY did NOT start on Earth
2. The prokaryotic carbon-based cells are suited for space travel
3. They either happened randomly upon this planet or we were "seeded"

With these safe assumptions, it is logical to assume that these prokaryotic cells are and have been (FOR A LONG TIME) floating around space and landing anywhere that is suited to carbon-based evolution. It happened TWICE just on this planet. One evolution chain on the surface, spawning from photosynthetic unicellular life and one at the bottom of the oceans, spawned from chemosynthetic unicellular things.

It is likely that (and this is excluding all the other potential unknown types of life out there, not to mention things that may exist outside of this dimensional plane) there are literally BILLIONS of planets out there supporting chains of life from the same DNA strands that found their way here. Remember, we're talking about a space that (so far as we know) is infinitely expansive. Of course there are unlimited planets that could support extraterrestrial life. In the end it would only be illogical to assume otherwise.
 Quoting: Kai D Kravit (VALIS)

They may still be here :)

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