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Message Subject New Study Suggests That 60 Billion(!) Alien Planets Could Support Life
Poster Handle Knowbody Special
Post Content
Probably there are lots and lots of planets like that. 60 Billion? Why 60? I just luv when they throw around numbers like this without even knowing if the universe is finite or infinite...if it is infinite, this number has no validity. If it is finite, first need to know how large it is,otherwise the estimate is worthless again.
In lack of those I will vote this

 Quoting: emerald_glow

They are LIARS. They don't even know, show and tell what is at the bottom of our own planet's oceans, yet they can tell which planets harbor life and which don't and tell us a number in a supposed infinite of potential unknowns. BULLSHIT. How about some detailed pictures of the face and pyramids on Mars before you tell us how some galaxy far, far away might harbor life. Please, more mumbo jumbo from FOOLS who know nothing, wouldn't know a truth if it slapped them in the face. Trying to impress the mindless and clueless sheeple into believing and trusting that they know what they are doing, WHEN CLEARLY THEY DO NOT.

Cure the common cold before you worry about a planet light years away. What's the point if the majority will never go there anyways? Fix your own house first.

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