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Message Subject New Study Suggests That 60 Billion(!) Alien Planets Could Support Life
Poster Handle strgzr
Post Content
At some point, it would be great if humans built an enormous ship (maybe several of them to increase chances of survival) and try to get to the most compatible planet possible. The ships would probably have to be as big as large cities with many redundant systems to help ensure success. Many generations of people would live and die on these ships before getting to the destination planet and there’s no guarantee of success.

Currently, we “have all our eggs in one basket” here on Earth. Humans are natural explorers. Maybe it’s time to see if we can make a go of it in space. Maybe our technology is not ready today, but I hope this can be done sooner than later.

All it would take is one of those big asteroids that narrowly misses us (all too often) to wipe out all (or most) life on Earth.

If not humans, I believe some sort of life from this planet should live on elsewhere in the universe. Like a previous poster said, it (panspermia) could be how life came to be on Earth in the first place, who knows?
 Quoting: synchro

Yes we “have all our eggs in one basket”. So why would we want to soil another basket? If we can't get to a certain level here on Earth we don't deserve to spread our disfunction elsewhere.
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