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Message Subject New Study Suggests That 60 Billion(!) Alien Planets Could Support Life
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If the conditions for life to exist are present, life will exist. If the conditions for life to exist are not present, life will not exist.

Simple as that.

There is life on Earth because the proper conditions exist. There is no life on the moon because the proper conditions do not exist.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18242403

There's no such thing as "conditions" for generating life. That is complete sci-fi fantasy.

All science confirms the law of biogenesis. Life only follows from life. That leaves the atheist/evolutionist in a sticky situation because his religion tells him life must have magically manifested itself by some nature-defying string of accidents.

And sorry, getting atheist High Priest Lawrency Krauss up on stage preaching anti-science sermons about everything coming from nothing, does not quite cut it.

Nor does generating some individual part of a cell in a lab or, even better, a computer simulation.

You can't fight the science. The origin of life defies any known natural causes, emphatically so.

This pseudo-science spontaneous generation across the universe is nothing, NOTHING, but creative sci-fi writing.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42364242

You're an absolute ignorant fool. You don't have the mental capacity to understand science and how it works. God is cop out for lack of knowledge. Can't explain it? God must have done it!

That is until there is nothing left that science can't explain and people like you are left grasping at nothing. Yes, the very nothing that could spark the beginning of a universe.

In 10,000 years God will be forgotten thanks to advancements in science. You can think what'd you like; BUT IT'S WRONG.

It's a shame you can't understand how wrong and stupid you are. It's because of people like you the world is so fucked up.
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