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God is perfect righteousness, transcending time and space.

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07/02/2013 12:13 PM
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God is perfect righteousness, transcending time and space.
God created a world of good and evil in order to experience emotions like sorrow, compassion and forgiveness. It is unbelievable that there could be a Loving God and yet these emotions would never have existed. It is unimaginable that a Loving God would not know, feel, and truly understand these emotions. God experiences these emotions through us, but since God transcends time this understanding has always been part of God and by understanding these emotions God is completed by creation.

Evil is the absence of love like darkness is the absences of light. This means a creature cannot be both good and evil.

God created a powerful but loveless Satan, and God created weak but loving humans. Satan must be careful to not violate the Law of God while he brings a spirit of self-love into the world so the humans will violate the Law. Satan does this to show that power overcomes love, but this is exactly what God had in mind. In this way God has humans that are capable of both good and evil.

God created time in a way that allowed Him to send part of Himself into time. This is why Jesus can say that He and the Father are one since in the infinity that transcends time and space, Jesus is fully one with God and there is only one God. Jesus is part of God that came into time, and this is why Jesus can say that only the Father “knows” or is “one with” the time of the end since God transcends time while Jesus exists in time. The “Trinity” doesn’t explain these two conflicting statements of Christ; but this does.

Jesus is at the right hand of God *until* His enemies are made His footstool. Jesus is at the “right hand” of God in time, but Jesus is one with God in infinity. This means that at the end of the timeline, Jesus discards His flesh and returns to complete oneness with God. This is how the enemies of God are made His footstool and this is why everything had to be kept secret until the time of the end. There are numerous clues in the Bible that when Jesus was on the cross, God looked away and the devil felt it was safe to unload His hatred on Christ. The devil still does not realize that Jesus was able to witness the spiritual attack against Him.

The return of Jesus to oneness with God means that God will be a witness against Satan, and this revelation that Satan has been caught in a sin will enrage Satan. This is why Satan is cast out of Heaven at the time of the end, and this will occur as this revelation is distributed sufficiently for Satan to see the writing on the wall. This casting of Satan from Heaven causes Armageddon and it is not far away.

Since Christ discards His flesh, it becomes completely fair for our flesh to be discarded so that our spirit is judged as a separate person. Our spirit is perfect, and is worthy of eternal life and is given a new body. This is how Christ redeems the children of God and it means that all good people are given eternal life in Heaven by Christ, but being a Christian is not necessary.

Christ is the only way to Heaven but we are judged by our works and God predetermined who would go to Heaven and God is Love and God created evil...this shows how all of those confusing statements in the Bible are completely true and they do not contradict each other. It is unbelievable that over a two thousand year period, no one has been able to see this simple solution, but it was necessary to keep it secret until the time of the end.

It is said that in the end a veil is lifted. The hills and mountains are said to be leveled, meaning the obstacles are removed allowing people to see. The truth is simple. In the end God allows us to see it, and this is why the book of the end is called the Revelation.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 42537488
07/02/2013 12:30 PM
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Re: God is perfect righteousness, transcending time and space.
God is no part of His Creation, polytheist.