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Somebody Debunk this Nibiru/PlanetX sighting please.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
07/07/2013 09:53 PM
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Re: Somebody Debunk this Nibiru/PlanetX sighting please.
It's a plane with a contrail. This was debunked a million times. It looks like it isn't moving because it is flying straight from the position of the video.
 Quoting: #Geomagnetic_Storm#

I've heard that many times Geomagnetic_Storm. Here's the problem, even making the assumption that this explantion is correct, it fails to address why this phenomenon being observed now.

Like so many plausible explantions, there's no historical record to support the explantion. Therefore the observation is factual, the explantion may explain the phenomenon, but it totally fails to explain an obvious and significat change in the atmosphere.

All of which is accepting the explantion as a fact just based on the purported observation that it is an aircraft.

This explantion fails because it cannot explain all such observations. It's no different that the explations they used to use to explain away UFO's.