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Message Subject I Had The Most INCREDIBLE UFO Sighting of my LIFE
Poster Handle Inerrancia
Post Content
THE SMOKING GUN, THEY EXIST! [link to i43.tinypic.com]

I still cannot believe what I just seen this morning. At around 5 AM, there was these three orbs appearing to interact with some kind of cigar shaped craft. This black elongated object had a red glow that pulsated. It wasn't flashing like you would see an airplane do, but it had is weird vibration or pulsating effect to it. I don't know what to make of it, if ANYONE has seen something like this please, I want to know more!!! I will be making a formal MUFON report soon, I managed to capture video of this event and it will be available to MUFON soon.
 Quoting: Amazing 42742355

Are you a MUFON investigator or collaborator?

Your pic is interesting, indeed...
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