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Message Subject Justin Timberlakes Video (trust me dudes)
Poster Handle Aw Geez
Post Content
I am not sure if he is gay/bi or not but it doesn't matter anyway.
In this vid, I think he simply wants to make a statement that he is an artistic man.
I'd need to listen to the words more carefully to understand what he's trying to say.
Some kind of song about a chick in the background... whatever. Its probably personal to him.
He wants women's bodies to be seen as "art" rather than bumping grinding booty bots.

The move with his foot... the shifting right/left/right or left/right/left.. I don't know. All his moves seem Michael Jackson-y from back in time.

Its alright.
If I never hear or see it again, that's okay w/me too.

I do like his looks better now that he is older.
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