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Subject Why people aren't getting off their duffs and doing anything to oppose the evils within our government. In short.
Poster Handle MagTog
Post Content
Basically, we're all screwed because we were conditioned to accept that the MLK/Ghandi/Mandela/Hippie methods of opposition are the only acceptable, civil ways to oppose the government. Now, any effort to try a different method is hamstrung by the groups that elevate to sainthood those individuals devoted to hippie-esque opposition, as these groups shout down and demonize the ones that don't want to try the same old hippie-esque methods that have largely been failures.

Also, no one can get the ball rolling with their own methods easily because people have been conditioned to listen only to "authorities" of some kind (who only encourage doing things the same, fail-ridden ways). Even with those who don't trust the "authorities", they do not want to be participants in something that will be attacked by the holier-than-thou hippie mentality that's pervasive throughout the media, universities, and government.

Through our lack of collaboration, corrosion of society and morality, combined with everyone living paycheck to paycheck - completely reliant on others (thus conformant as to not offend) - we've become atomized. Cattle.

Currently, our best idea to oppose those who maliciously destroy us and what we hold dear, is to get out in the street, hold a sign and whine. Oooh yeah, that'll show 'em. That's why nothing will get better. We're spineless cattle. Moo away.
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